You can find the project’s podcast page at So far we have four podcasts:

Victorian Light Night: Collaborating with Cheney School
#Ruskin200 – Ruskin, Science and the Environment
After the Show: Victorian Speed
After the Show: Victorian Speed (Remastered for Speakers)


When Greeks Flew Kites – Sleep: A Third of Human History

Our PI, Professor Sally Shuttleworth, speaks about Victorians, overwork, and quack cures for sleeplessness on the 7th January 2019 broadcast of Radio 4’s When Greeks Flew Kites. Listen here.

Sleep and Stress, Past and Present

Kohn Centre, The Royal Society
7th December 2018

Please find audio files of papers given below:

Work, Time and Stress: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (TORCH, Oxford)

23 November 2017

Watch the video here.

Mind-Reading 2017: Mental Health and the Written Word

10 March 2017