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8 February 2019
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
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In collaboration with the University of Birmingham’s Nineteenth-Century Centre, the Diseases of Modern Life project presents a one-day conference as part of Ruskin’s bicentenary celebrations.

The Victorian art teacher and social reformer John Ruskin died in 1900, but his ideas remain deeply relevant today. In honour of his 200th birthday, the museum is hosting a symposium where experts on Ruskin, Victorian culture and the environment will discuss his views on science and natural history, and on the impact of industrialisation on people’s health and the world around them. Speakers will include Kate Flint (Southern California), Mark Frost (Portsmouth), Peter Garratt (Durham), Sandra Kemp (Director of the Ruskin Research Centre, Lancaster), Francis O’Gorman (Edinburgh), John Parham (Worcester) and Marcus Waithe (Cambridge). There will also be a brief introduction to Ruskin Land from John Iles and a tour of the museum by John Holmes (Birmingham).

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Prof Fiona Stafford
8 February 2019
Oxford University Museum of Natural History
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The Diseases of Modern Life project presents a public lecture – free to register and attend.

This lecture explores Ruskin’s lifelong love of trees, from the idyllic garden at his family home in Herne Hill to his Lake District estate at Brantwood.  Ruskin looked at trees with an eye trained by painting, a mind coloured by literature, a heart lifted by a sense of the divine manifest in the natural world.  Above all, he looked at trees as trees and urged his audiences to see the world afresh.

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8 June 2019
St Anne’s College, University of Oxford

This conference is a collaboration with QMUL’s Pathologies of Solitude project.